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Body treatments

AYURLIPO: Localized reducing treatment with mask therapy

AYUR-UP: Toning treatment with mask therapy

MUDD THERAPY: Draining, reducing and toning with mudd therapy

PEAU DE SATIN CARITA: Treatment with Le Renovateur and body massage





REFLEXOLOGY hands and feet

€ 110.00 (60 min)

€ 110.00 (60 min)

€ 130.00 (60 min)

€ 180.00 (75 min)

€ 100.00 (60 min)

€ 25,00 (10 min)

€ 140.00 (70 min)

€ 50.00 (25 min)

€ 55.00 (30 min)


Body Massage


  • Swedish Massage

Characterized by the alternation of hand and forearm for a relaxing massage and soothing

€ 90.00 (40 min)

  • Total body lymphatic drainag massage

A drainage massage that improves blood circulation and lymph flow.

€ 80.00 (40 min)

  • Anti-stress massage

The massage that by definition, is aimed at eliminating signs of stress on the body.

€ 70.00 (40 min)

  • Full Back Massage

A localized massage to help loosen the neck contractures, scapular and lumbar.

€ 50.00 (20 min)

  • Oriental Relaxing Massage

A mix of acupressure, kneading and stroking to give comfort to the body.

€ 80.00 (40 min)

  • Anti cellulite combined massage

His technique consists of a series of kneading and stroking on adiposity draining.

€ 90.00 (45 min)

  • Hot Stone Massage

The therapeutic effect is obtained by applying on the body of basaltic rocks, volcanic, but also from the beds of rivers. The stones slowly release their heat.

€ 110.00 (50 min)

  • Sport Massage

The purpose of sports massage are numerous, some are based on reasonable scientific assumptions, while others are derived from observations and experiences of those who perform them.

€ 90.00 (30 min)

  • Hawaian Lomi Lomi Massage

An intense massage, energy, relaxing and stress relieving performed using only the forearms.

€ 130.00 (50 min)

  • Mioarticolar massage

It is characterized by a combination of muscle relaxants and mobilization techniques performed on the muscles and joints.

€ 100.00 (50 min)

  • Candle Massage

It consists of a mix of relaxing techniques performed with the hot oil and wellbeing of the candle to give moisture to the skin.

€ 90.00 (40 min)

  • Spa Ritual

Global relaxing massage that involves the whole body, face and scalp. It is made ​​with slow movements and enveloping which exert pressures more or less deep. It helps to soothe the feelings of fatigue and release tension.

€ 120.00 (45 min)

  • Bamboo Massage

In the East, bamboo is considered a symbol of eternal youth as well as health. Today, the Bamboo has also been adopted in the West to carry out massage that can release tension from the muscles. It ‘a vigorous massage, decontracting and muscle relaxant.

€ 120.00 (45 min)

  • Pinda Massage

Is an Ancient Indian technique, is a pleasant massage, relaxing and healing. The therapeutic application of heat’s bags  and herbs contained reduce swelling and dissolve the toxins in the tissues. And is suitable for water retention problems, neck pain and aching muscles.

€ 140.00 (40 min)


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