An unforgettable stay in the exclusive Aquapetra Resort

The Gourmet GiftfBox is for thelovers of authentic tastes of italian gastronomic tradition who can’t renounce to the exsclusivity of a location as the Aquapetra Reosrt & SPA.

An occasion to enjoy a complete taste experience through D.O.P. and I.G.T. products, and the discovery of rare and valuable essences of oils and wines of the Samnite territory.

The perfect combination of rock, wood and precious design through the exsclusive restaurant La Locanda del Borgo, will alloes you to live a magic sensory experience, perfectly harmonized with the surrounding nature.


The Gourmet GiftBox is different from all the other one for the attention gave to taste, to the charming details of a well prepared diner, for uniques plates cooked by our Chef. In details:

*Offer subject to conditions and limitations

The Gourmet Package provides for a tasting dinner 8 Bring Proposals From the cook with wine tasting paired because the maitre sommelier

Price: 180.00 Euro